Latin America can't stand the costs of Mother Nature

The recent tragedies in Peru and Colombia have put on perspective the fragility of LatAm countries against natural phenomena.

Social enterprises, more pertinent than ever in Colombia

A social enterprise can be the result of an altruistic vision; however, it is not charity

Colombia must replant coffee to maintain output

Colombia needs to replace at least 90,000 hectares of coffee trees, some 10 percent of its crop

Colombia, LatAm’s 4th largest economy: Prosperity index

The Legatum Prosperity Index 2016 ranks Colombia as Latin America’s 4th largest economy.

Colombian president promises higher growth in final economic plan

Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos on Tuesday launched the final economic plan of his term in office, which the government hopes will ensure gross domestic product growth of 2.5 percent and create 765,000 jobs.

“Bad” Internet traffic loses businesses over $7 billion annually

According to the Imperva Incapsula Bot Traffic Report, various bots are now responsible for more than half of all internet traffic around the globe and estimates that businesses lose an estimated $7 billion dollars each year because of this

Colombia’s exports dropped another 13% in 2016

Colombia’s exports dropped 13% in 2016 in spite of a minor increase in exports to its biggest trade partner, the United States, for the first time since the two countries signed a free trade agreement.

Colombia's IT industry continues to gain traction in North America

A solid economy and steady growth of 4,5% between 2010 and 2016 has been the fuel behind the internationalization strategy that seeks to attract foreign direct investment to develop mobile apps

Withdrawal from Trans-Pacific Partnership shifts U.S. role in world economy

President Trump’s cancellation Monday of an agreement for a sweeping trade deal with Asia began recasting America’s role in the global economy, leaving an opening for other countries to flex their muscles.

IMF endorses Colombia's economic direction

The international body praised the Colombian government's economic policies, as well as the 4th generation road infrastructure investment programs, which help reduce infrastructure gaps and diversify sources of growth.

Colombia looks towards formalizing coltan extraction

In what is an important move for the Colombian economy, the government has classified coltan as a mineral of strategic importance in their promotion of mining resources.

Colombia should look out for the US and the TPP

In a study by CEPAL Colombia was shown to be one of the most vulnerable to a potential consolidation of the TPP despite not taking part in it.

India looks favorably upon possible trade agreements with LatAm

India’s Commerce Secretary Rita Teaotia released a statement in which she encourages developing preferential trade agreements with LatAm.

Colombia’s Ecopetrol to begin oil exploration in the Caribbean in 2017

Colombia’s state-run oil company Ecopetrol will begin off-shore oil exploration in the Caribbean for the first time in its history, the government announced.

Colombia’s environmental market could grow

It is the first Latin American country to publish a diagnosis on its environmental market.

How could China take advantage of the Colombian peace deal?

The end of conflict could mean the United States will back away from Colombia in terms of investment and assistance, China might try to fill the power gap.

Colombia to start accounting for the digital economy

Estimates show that the digital economy has contributed sizeable growth to the Colombian economy, but only now will its impacts be seriously measured.

Credit rating agencies share negative perspective of Colombia

Moody’s and Fitch, two of the most renowned voices in the world of international finance have both taken Colombia’s credit rating down a notch.

End of armed conflict will boost Colombia’s GDP growth with 1%: Santos

Colombia President Juan Manuel Santos said Thursday that the national economy could grow an extra percentage point per year if the country’s 52-year-old armed conflict comes to an end.

Could Universal Basic Income work in LatAm?

The Swiss rejected the proposal of over $2500 to every adult citizen, no matter how much they worked, but could a similar scheme operate in LatAm?

Imbalances in Costa Rica’s FTA with Colombia

Costa Rica imports much more than what it exports in its trade partnership with Colombia, business opportunities are still plenty.

Ecopetrol manages to increase revenue despite the low oil prices

Colombia’s largest oil producer posted a 126% increase in net profit for the year’s first trimester, how was that possible in this economic climate?

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