Argentina’s scientists engulfed in budget crisis

Scientists in Argentina are bracing for hard times next year. Later this month, the country’s senate is expected to approve a 2017 budget that would deal a crippling blow to research.

Colombia’s environmental market could grow

It is the first Latin American country to publish a diagnosis on its environmental market.

Colombia and Turkey hold burgeoning economic relationship

Turkey maintains economic interest on Colombia for a variety of reasons. Among them, its location. Trade between the two is constantly rising.

The cost for LatAm: The war on drugs

Although initially sponsored by the US government, the war on drugs comes at significant cost to LatAm as well. Beyond the social cost, there is significant economic cost too.

Ecuadorian mangoes in China via e-commerce

Mango is the fourth Ecuadorian food item to have received access to the Chinese market, following fresh bananas, frozen shrimp, and cocoa;

Chile’s ‘green gold’ under threat from growing demand

Today, instead of gathering whatever seaweed Mother Nature provides, farmers plant and harvest red algae in carefully regulated quantities

The fall of the left in LatAm: A political or economic failure?

Venezuela’s political cusp is crumbling but still stands, in Bolivia, Evo maintains power and support. Everywhere else, the left is gone. Was their mistake made in politics or economics?

The cost for LatAm: Corruption

Each and every country on the region pays a price for their corrupt official, in Mexico its 9% of their GDP and in Colombia its 4%. To what extent does it hinder development?

Colombia Is Panama’s fiercest ports rival

The Colombian ports of Cartagena and Buenaventura are Panama’s main competitors in terms of container terminals, the Panama Canal Authority, or ACP, administrator said at a business forum.

Paraguay foresees possible economic growth above expectations

Central Bank of Paraguay (BCP) CEO Carlos Fernández Valdovinos spoke of the possibility of closing this year with a growth of more than 4% of gross domestic product (GDP).

Brazil’s Petrobras to prospect for natural gas in Bolivia

Executives of Brazilian state oil company Petrobras and smaller Bolivian counterpart YPFB signed a contract on Monday for a $1.2 billion natural-gas exploration venture in southern Bolivia.

Colombia president welcomes Brexit trade prospect

Trade between Colombia and the UK has the potential to grow after Brexit, the country's president has suggested.

Macri out to boost argentine exports of value-added products

Argentine President Mauricio Macri called Friday for an increase in the volume of exports, especially of value-added products, so that what is “made in Argentina reaches the entire world.”

Companies must adapt to evolving Hispanic market to stay relevant

One example was the launch on leading U.S. markets of a special Bud Light container decorated with the emblem of the Mexican national soccer team.

The cost for LatAm: Homophobia

The world, on account of its institutionalized homophobia, loses around $119 billion dollars a year. LatAm should make structural changes to mitigate losses and promote inclusion.

How U.S. election may impact factories in Mexico

Northern border cities see sharp slowdown in business ahead of vote; Trump win could chill market in short term

Brazil lowers its interest rates in hopes of quick recovery

The Brazilian central bank cut its key interest rate by 0.25%, although it is still one of the highest in the world, it is a demonstration of trust in new policies.

Cuba and France assess development projects

Cuban and French officials on Wednesday held an initial meeting in Havana to define potential investment projects French companies could carry out on the Communist-ruled island.

Peru sanctions five pharmacy chains in price-fixing scheme

Peru’s state trade commission has issued million-dollar fines to five pharmacy chains for fixing prices of various medicines and dietary supplements.

Global debt at a ridiculous high, Brazil partly responsible

Global debt reached 225% of the world GDP, Brazil has been one of the biggest borrowers. To whom do nations even pay this money?

Correa: Ecuador to create 251,000 jobs in coming years

With investments totaling between $27-28 billion, along with necessary infrastructure and “policy decisions,” the country will be able to raise its Industrial GDP

Strength of Mexican peso and the US elections

Election day in the United States cannot come soon enough for the Mexican peso, especially if Hillary Clinton is the winner.

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