Why you should watch 'MONOS'

Sep 17, 2019 Movies
Scene from the movie: 'Monkeys'
I am not a film expert, but as a spectator, I consider it a movie to watch. It is, perhaps, one of the best films made in Colombia

Netflix will premiere on Friday the series "Monarca"

Sep 12, 2019 Movies
The series was produced by Salma Hayek and premieres within the framework of the celebrations of national independence in Mexico

What is the new Scarlett Johansson's movie about?

Aug 30, 2019 Movies
Trailer from the movie
"Marriage Story" is a project the Hollywood actress said she felt was "fated" for her

Shakira takes El Dorado World Tour to cinema

Aug 29, 2019 Movies
Colombian singer, Shakira
The film includes unpublished scenes and shows the efforts that were necessary to take the production through 22 countries

"No Time to Die" the new James Bond movie

Aug 21, 2019 Movies
James Bond ad video clip capture
Craig confirmed in 2017 that he would act again for the fifth time as the secret agent 007

How to survive on 'Game of Thrones': Switch allegiances

Aug 15, 2019 Movies
Scene from the series 'Game of Thrones'
A research evaluated the deaths of all important Game of Thrones' characters and found that characters were more likely to survive if they switched allegiances

'Green Frontier' opens the door to the Colombian Amazon in a new Netflix series

Aug 15, 2019 Movies
Official trailer capture of
The series addresses the issue of the threat against biodiversity that surrounds the traditional communities that live in that region of the Amazon

Alfred Hitchcock, 120 years of one of the greatest geniuses of cinema

Aug 12, 2019 Movies
British film director Alfred Hitchcock
The filmmaker considered the great master of suspense was born on August 13, 1899

Netflix hires the creators of "Game of Thrones"

Aug 08, 2019 Movies
View of the cast of 'Game of Thrones'.
"We are excited to welcome the master narrators David Benioff and DB Weiss on Netflix," said Netflix content manager.

'Stranger Things' breakout star is a spunky seventh grader

Jul 30, 2019 Movies
This image released by Netflix shows Priah Ferguson, center, in a scene from
Priah Ferguson, a 12-year-old Atlanta middle schooler, has given season 3 of the sci-fi, back-to-the-'80s Netflix show a jolt of sassy electricity

Utoya's attack: 72 minutes full of tension

Jul 24, 2019 Movies
Secretary General of NATO and Norway's former prime minister Jens Stoltenberg attends a memorial ceremony on the anniversary of 2011 Norway attacks, at Utoya Island, Norway.
With this film, we put ourselves in the perspective of the protagonist who witnessed the attack

'Los días de la ballena': resistance in Medellín through public space

Jul 23, 2019 Movies
Scene from the movie: 'The days of the whale'
Within the framework of the IndieBo film festival in Bogotá, this Medellín film about the city, art and resistance was presented. Here some impressions

Will life imitate art? Steppe queen movie makes Kazakhs wonder

Jul 22, 2019 Movies
Dariga Nazarbayeva registering at polling station in Astana, Kazakhstan
The idea of a female ruler could be a hard sell in a country where many still believe a woman's role is at home

The close relation between suicide rates and '13 Reasons Why'

Jul 18, 2019 Movies
Scene from the series '13 Reasosn Why '/ Netflix
According to a study published in April, it is possible that portraying suicide in the series has serious consequences for vulnerable teenagers
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