Trump changes US approach to climate change

President Trump signed an executive order intended to roll back most of Barack Obama’s climate change legacy.

UK scientists to solve whales’ deaths in Argentinian coast

A two-year project aims to learn why hundreds of baby southern right whales washed up on the coast.

Coral Reef in the Pacific regained life

Coral Castles Reef in the Pacific was declared dead in 2003, 13 years later it is sparkling with life.

Guatemala's Maya Biosphere Reverse: successes and challenges

The reserve has generally succeeded in providing sustainable livelihoods but deforestation, oil developments and drug trafficking remain a huge problem.

Agroecology could help mitigate environmental impact

In face of the natural effects as a consequence of the pressure of human activity, agroecology now turns into an alternative to mitigate environmental impact.

Decline of bees, other pollinators, threatens crop output

Many species of bees, butterflies and other creatures that are vital to agricultural pollination are threatened with extinction, posing risks to major world crops and global biodiversity.

When the saving the environment becomes a human rights' battlefield

After internationally renown environmentalist Berta Cáceres was murdered 2 March 2016 in Honduras the debate on activists safety is back on the table.

Brazilian worst environmental crisis has a $1.1 billion price tag

The mining company co-owned by BHP Billiton and Vale S.A committed to a long-term plan for restoring the environment and communities damaged by thecompany dam's failure last November.

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