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Uruguay marijuana legalisation: Details unveile

The Uruguayan authorities have revealed how marijuana will be produced and sold legally in the country.

Globalization still favors the rich

Reading between the lines of a just-released optimistic report on global flows of goods, services and finance by the McKinsey Global Institute, one can conclude that the developed world is benefiting more from globalization than the developing one. Emerging economies, however, are working doggedly to reverse that trend.

Uruguay accepts US request to take inmates

President Jose Mujica said it was a question of 'human rights' to take the prisoners from Guantanamo. He has said his country will take five prisoners. Mr Mujica said he had agreed to a request from President Barack Obama to take some of the detainees remaining at the ontroversial US military camp.

Vargas Llosa to visit Venezuela to back anti-Maduro groups

The Peruvian Nobel Prize winning author, Mario Vargas Llosa, has said that he will travel to Venezuela to lend his support to opposition groups.

Foes of America crave rupture

As the United States threatened to cut off Russian corporations from the Western financial system, that influential members of the president's inner circle view isolation from the West as a good thing for Russia. Some in Mr. Putin's camp see the confrontation as an opportunity to make the diplomatic turn toward China that they have long advocated.

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