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Health Ministry issues guidelines for doctors to perform physician-assisted suicide

An 18-year wait came to an end on Monday, April 20, when Health Ministry authorities presented guidelines for Colombian doctors to perform euthanasia. The Constitutional Court ordered them to set the protocols in a February decision, after declaring the practice legal all the way back in 1997.

Social media dominates internet usage in Colombia

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networking sites continue to captivate the attention of Colombians, with some 63.8% of users accessing them last year, according to government statistics agency DANE.

Teamwork helps understand fractions

By using a mentoring system a UNal-Palmira proposal enabled increased understanding of fractions in third grade elementary students of the Manuel María Mallarino Educational Institution of Cali.

Improved Quality of Colombian Coffee

It has been reported that in the past two years the proportion of healthy kernal in a sample of pergamino coffee went up to 81%, while residues from threshing decreased from 20% to 19%.

Make School a Democracy

IN a one-room rural schoolhouse an hour’s drive from this city in a coffee-growing region of Colombia, 30 youngsters ages 5 to 13 are engrossed in study. In most schools, students sit in rows facing the teacher, who does most of the talking. But these students are grouped at tables, each corresponding to a grade level. The hum of conversation fills the room. After tackling an assignment on their own, the students review one another’s work. If a child is struggling, the others pitch in to help.

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