Three, two, one, jump!

People from around the globe travel to Flandes to skydive

Christmas and tecnology

Christmas: the perfect excuse to remodel our home with the help of technology

Visualizing the remodeling of the place where we live is possible with mobile applications, the present and the future at the same time

Wannacry cyberattack numbers in Latin America

According to Europol Executive Director Rob Wainwright, at least 200,000 users in 150 countries have been affected by the recent ransomware cyberattacks.

Colombia on Fast Track in Science and Engineering Discovery

Supercomputer Puts Colombia on Fast Track to Designing New HIV Drugs, Science and Engineering Discovery

How memory and digital media can pave the way to peace

Peace building endeavors have tried to promote a new narrative of the conflict that brings the victims of war to the foreground

Google expands fact-checking feature to Latin Ameria

Google News is launching its fact-checking feature in Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico, as part of the company’s ongoing efforts to counteract fake news.

Software program identifies brains with Alzheimer’s disease

From magnetic resonance brain structure imagery, the software program automatically rates Alzheimer’s disease patients with 70% assertiveness.

How can technology help us solve human rights challenges?

XPrize Foundation encourages the development of technology to change the world.

Education and technology together for better results

Radical changes are needed in the Colombian educational system

3-D printed and customized prosthetics

There are approximately 60,000 people with some type of impairment or amputation of one of the lower limbs in Colombia. Most come from low-income environments or families.

Mathematics improve distribution of perishable products

Altering distribution networks will diminish transportation, storage costs and loss of food, ensuring products will reach consumers in less time and have greater shelf life.

Biga, an electric scooter, a mobility alternative

This new personal vehicle made of guadua bamboo reaches a maximum speed of 35 kms/hr. and complies with 95 Bogotá regulations on cycling routes and cycling lanes.

The Andromeda Galaxy seen from Colombia

US space agency NASA on Tuesday highlighted this photo of the Andromeda galaxy taken from Colombia by photographer Hugo Armando Rua.

Drones to speed-up arrival and processing of traffic accidents

In Colombia Universidad Naciunal is working on a system using high resolution imagery (720 pixels) captured by drones would diminish arrival and processing times in street accidents by up to 30 minutes.

Nicole Regnier: The Colombian professional soccer diva

Nicole Regnier: The Colombian professional soccer diva

Why is her talent recognized outside and inside the field?

Who are the best Latin American tennis players in the ATP and WTA rankings?

Who are the best Latin American tennis players in the ATP and WTA rankings?

There are five male players in ATP. Only two women are in the WTA 100 top

Tejo, Colombia's ancestral sport

Tejo or turmequé was recognized by the Congress of the Republic of Colombia as a national sport in the year 2000

Colombia and cycling: reviving an old flame

For more than ten years, the country hadn’t felt as excited for cycling as it does today

Colombian Rebels Turn To Parenting

As Colombia transitions out of its 50-year civil war, dozens of guerrilla fighters are dropping their guns to become parents.

Total educational inclusion is still far

Despite major advances in education in Latin America and the Caribbean over the last decade, there are still 4.2 million school-age children out of school.

Colombia is no longer the happiest

According to the World Happiness report, which the UN publishes each year, the country fell to 36th place.

Colombian Coffee inspires banana growers to reclaim land

The violence we suffered did not help the banana-growing plantations, but now, they are building the present while visualizing the future

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