Nicole Regnier: The Colombian professional soccer diva

Nicole Regnier: The Colombian professional soccer diva

Why is her talent recognized outside and inside the field?

Who are the best Latin American tennis players in the ATP and WTA rankings?

Who are the best Latin American tennis players in the ATP and WTA rankings?

There are five male players in ATP. Only two women are in the WTA 100 top

Tejo, Colombia's ancestral sport

Tejo or turmequé was recognized by the Congress of the Republic of Colombia as a national sport in the year 2000

Colombian Rebels Turn To Parenting

As Colombia transitions out of its 50-year civil war, dozens of guerrilla fighters are dropping their guns to become parents.

Total educational inclusion is still far

Despite major advances in education in Latin America and the Caribbean over the last decade, there are still 4.2 million school-age children out of school.

Colombia is no longer the happiest

According to the World Happiness report, which the UN publishes each year, the country fell to 36th place.

Colombian Coffee inspires banana growers to reclaim land

The violence we suffered did not help the banana-growing plantations, but now, they are building the present while visualizing the future

Swapping coca for cacao

An option for getting away from the Colombian conflict is to change the kind of plantations to a peace kind one.

Shrimp industry rescuing Colombia’s female conflict victims

Every day, 145 women, most of them victims of Colombia’s armed conflict, efficiently clean thousands of Pacific white shrimp

AcroYoga in Medellín and the upcoming Primavera Event

The weekly AcroYoga events in Medellín have been held steadily for approximately seven years!

Scouting out the world's best coffee

A cup of joe is no mere morning ritual for Alvaro Gaviria

Cuban doctors in Colombia stranded

The government of Cuba has said it will accept Cuban doctors and reincorporate them into the national health system. But, those stranded in Colombia insist this is not true.

Colombia is helping you spread love this Valentine’s Day

That time of year has once again arrived when the scent of fresh-cut roses is flooding stores nationwide.

Colombians returning from Venezuela seen as foreigners

Colombians who during Venezuela’s boom years poured across the border in search of a better life are now returning home, not only broke and without work but also facing a new problem: discrimination.

World Summit of Nobel Peace Prizes Winners in Bogotá

More than twenty nobel peace prize winners will attend tomorrow the World Summit of Nobel Peace Prizes that will take place in this capital and celebrate the end of the conflict with the FARC-EP, news broadcast reported today.

Gender focus: debates, transformations and potentialities in Colombia’s new peace accord

The new Agreement contains 90% of proposals presented by proponents and critics of the gender-based approach, a solomonic exit from the tensions between the Christian churches and women's organizations and LGBTI.

Colombian high court rejects appeal to null same-sex marriage

The former attorney general presented a series of appeals against all the court's rulings favoring the LGBTI community during his eight years in office.

Colombia exports talent and discipline

One of the most prestigious Athletic competences in the marathon distance will receive the Colombian Kelly Arias. Latin America will run Boston!

Bogotá fashion: Step out in style

Thinking about revamping your wardrobe for the new year? onica Valbuena is on hand to give us the inside scoop on some of the hot trends expected to hit the streets this year.

Colombia No.5 of world’s 10 best places to retire In 2017

Colombia, once an overlooked retirement haven, is now just grabbing the attention of expats looking for a place to live that is close to home

Colombia’s senate approves referendum on gay adoption ban

A bill that seeks a referendum to ban adoption by same-sex couples and singles passed through Colombia’s Senate on last Tuesday.

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