Strategically timed with the rest of the International Fashion Calendar's shows, the Fashion Week of the Americas launched in 1999, is taking place this week (19-23/03/02) at the Fashion Tents that are located on the beach at 24th Street and Collins Avenue in Miami Beach, Florida. It is a significant international event that involves not only distinguished Latin American Fashion Designers, but also new ingredients concerning Latin style, music, and culture.

Concerts given by top Latin entertainers, art exhibition of internationally renowned Brazilian artist Romero Britto, jewelry exhibition organized by Hidden Society Magazine, as well as a jewelry runway show featuring a selection of the most splendid and artistic pieces, matched with designer robes from their fall 2002 collections, brings even more glamour and excitement to the show.

Since the inauguration of the event, it has been a tradition to honor the best designers by opening the runway with their latest collections, presenting them with the 'Lifetime Achievement in Fashion Award'. Carolina Herrera was the first special guest designer of the year back in 1999, being responsible for giving Latin American fashion the international importance that has changed the world's folkloric point of view they had about it. Oscar de la Renta, and Ocimar Versolato have followed her steps, and this year, fashion icon Mary McFadden is the first non-Hispanic designer to be granted with the 'Lifetime Achievement in Fashion Award' from the Council of Latin American Fashion Designers.

Colombian fashion designer Hernan Zajar, '2002 New Star in Fashion Award' winner, opened the FWA with his spectacular collection of hand-woven knits that depict his original style, bright sensitivity and creative use of fibers, techniques and materials, that have endowed him a number of international awards and acknowledgements in the fashion industry.

Designers from Argentina (Benito Fernández, Trosman Churba, Horacio y Jorge de la Cruz, Maureene Dinar), Colombia (Silvia Tcherassi, Ricardo Pava, Carlos Pinel, Angel Yáñez, Hernán Zajar, Lina Cantillo, Francesca Miranda), Chile (Ruben Campos, Mónica Henríquez), Brazil (Ocimar Versolato, Fernando Sommer, Mareu Nitschke, Samuel Cirnansck, Cavalera, Giuliano Menegazzo), Mexico (Marcario Jimenez, David Rodriguez, Eduardo Lucero, Armand Mafud, Héctor Torres, Sarah Bustani), Venezuela (Carolina Herrera, Margarita Zingg, Durant & Diego, Angel Sanchez, Giovanni Scutaro, Sandra Hurtado, Tammy Apostol, Oscar Carvallo), Ecuador (Liz Cárdenas, Patricia Klein, Carlos Molina), Dominican Republic (Oscar de la Renta, Sully Bonnelly, Santiago Guelo Paulino, Robert Flores, Lourdes Atencio), Panama (Federico Visuetti, Sara Bassan), Peru (Jack Abugattas, Pepe Corzo, Jorge Luis Salinas, Lydia Roca, Ani Alvarez Calderón, Sitka Semsch), Puerto Rico (Caballero-Colon, David Antonio), and Honduras (Marc Roche), are showing off their 2002 Collections at this event that will certainly upgrade Latin America's fashion business and distinction.

Hernán Zajar
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