Do we need to give up alcohol to lose weight?

Calories between white and red wines, depending on the brand, 12 ounces of beer can range from 55 to 320 calories.

Potato chips with antioxidant properties

This is a potato variety resistant to diseases and with natural antioxidants which when vacuum fried preserve their properties.

Video games improve attention in children with ADHD

The tool includes a series of quests which turn into challenges for children, who with a cellphone or tablet embark on trying to discover similarities between figures, for instance, stimulating concentration, memory and striking their interest.

Teenagers influenced by video games with alcohol, smoking content

Teenagers are twice as likely to try smoking and alcohol after playing popular video games, experts have warned.

No differences noted over time for children of gay, lesbian, adoptive

No differences noted over time for children of gay, lesbian, adoptive

Climate could have an impact on dengue and leishmaniasis outbreaks

Aspects such as temperature, rain and moisture influence reproduction, survival and biting rates of Aedes aegypti and Lutzomyia sp., vectors of these two diseases.

New genes could open the door to new antibiotics

“If we could discover gene sequences with biological activity, at least minimal, we could control and apply new functions to biotechnological industries.”

8 ways summer is good for your health

There are a few special benefits unique to summer that we’re more than excited to enjoy. Here are some.

Superbug in US: Doctors fear it could herald a post-antibiotic era

Bacteria discovered in 49-year-old's urinary tract infection contains the mcr-1 gene - resistant even to colistin, the antibiotic of last resort.

A guide to prevent gastric cancer

Health professionals of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia (UNal) designed a method to help Colombian gastroenterologists define strategies to fight malignant digestive system tumors.

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