Colombia has a peace deal, but can it be implemented?

Some analysts fear the financial, political and security challenges may be too much for the Colombian government to handle.

A worrisome number for Colombia’s peace prospects

Colombia’s peace deal was signed three months ago, and it remains a fragile newborn whose survival is no sure thing.

Why people vote against themselves - a lesson from Colombia

The outcome of the referendum on the peace agreement in Colombia was as surprising as Brexit. Why do people around the world vote against choices that obviously make sense?

Will Colombia’s most ‘stubborn’ rebel group agree to peace?

On February 7, two months after signing a peace agreement with the FARC guerrillas, the Colombian government begins formal negotiations with the country’s second-largest guerrilla group, the National Liberation Army, or ELN.

How Santos’ New peace deal aggravated Colombia’s drug war

Colombia’s renegotiated peace deal shows that the “war on drugs” will be hard to dismantle.

Can Colombia meet its huge 2017 coca eradication goal?

Colombia has outlined plans to mitigate surging coca cultivations — one of the biggest threats to lasting peace in the country — as the FARC guerrillas’ demobilization process moves slowly forward.

At War Over the Right Kind of Peace

Turning Point: Colombians reject a peace deal with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. Amazing article by  Ingrid Betancourt

Biggest obstacle to peace in Colombia may not be FARC, but an ex-president

Former president Álvaro Uribe, had called for a signature-collecting campaign of “civil resistance” to the government of President Juan Manuel Santos

Who won in Colombia - Venezuela border closure?

Venezuela's decision to close its border with Colombia in 2015 has been hugely profitable for criminal groups, who now have unprecedented control over contraband movements in the region.

Colombia Leads, US Lags, In Global Drug Policy Reform

Colombia President Juan Manuel Santos is a world leader in trying to reform global drug policy. But when he spoke at the recent United Nations drug summit and tallied his supporters, the US delegation was nowhere to be seen.

What the FARC's elusive finances mean for peace

New estimates that the FARC guerrilla organization is worth billions of dollars draw attention to a highly contested issue that is critical to the peace talks between Colombia and its largest rebel group.

Why Colombia’s peace talks will not meet their deadline

With a handshake and dressed in white, President Juan Manuel Santos and FARC chief “Timochenko” promised Colombia an end to the 51-year-long armed conflict before March 23. Now both have said this will not happen.

Colombia's challenging peace process with FARC

Latin America's longest-running civil war has left some quarter of a million people dead and millions more displaced.

Bringing about the end for Colombia's drug war

Current international juncture could benefit the last efforts against the drug war in Colombia, the stage is set but a smart approach will be vital.

Colombia’s Revised Peace Accord

The deal, incorporating several suggestions from Mr. Santos’s critics, was reached after marathon negotiating sessions in Havana.

Is Brexit reversible?

We listed 4 ways the UK could reverse Brexit

Bogotá is not prepared for it role as a megacity

Bogotá is on the road to turning into a megacity (a city with more than 10 million inhabitants) but it will not be able to answer to the demands posed by urban services.

2016 a year for peace in Colombia?

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos welcomed in the New Year by outlining his hopes for a peace accord to finally be signed in Havana which will mark the end of over 50 years of internal armed conflict in the country.

What’s wrong with our education?

Compared to developed countries educational systems, ours, keeps being slow and poorly prepared for the 21st century challenges.

Women: "The weaker, smaller and less intelligent sex"

“less intelligent”? Joan of Ark, Marie Curie, Indira Gandhi? I wonder if any of those names ring a bell for Korwin-Mikke.

The uncertainty of peace in Colombia

The implementation of the peace agreement with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) will begin, while presidential campaigns for 2018 will also start.

Will Trump double down on drug war capitalism with Plan Colombia?

Saturday (February 4) marks the 16th anniversary of Plan Colombia, a multi-billion dollar U.S. counternarcotics and counterinsurgency military aid package given to Colombia under President Bill Clinton.

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