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If someone opens the door of their house for you to enter, leave without slamming the door. Likewise, when you walk away from a job, do it with style and professionalism, no matter the cause or reason for the walk out.

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When you leave a job, leaving the doors open implies leaving a pleasant memory of your attitude and behavior, both in your colleagues or colleagues and in your bosses. You never know where you will meet one of them again. Life takes many turns.

Reasons To Leave a Job

Deciding to leave a job is often necessary, either because we feel that a process of professional growth within the company has ended or because our economic, corporate governance, or labor relations expectations become unsustainable.

-Professional growth: When we have been in a company for a long time, and the possibilities of continuing to develop professionally are exhausted because there is no constant training of the staff or because the chances of promotion are not viable, we must decide to leave the place of employment of work in which we find ourselves, given that if our level of satisfaction decreases, our productivity also and it is better to withdraw on time, before deteriorating the professional image we have.

-Inadequate remuneration: With the passing of days and the return to attendance at companies after the pandemic, restructuring within companies has become noticeable, which leads to the reassignment of responsibilities and functions, generating work overload, that is not commensurate with salary.

-Corporate Governance: With the restructuring, there are not only changes in the profiles of the positions but also in the work environment and its conditions, which leads us to reevaluate the possibility of retiring. Look for alternatives in which the work environment is more attractive.

-Labor relations: Mentioning the above reasons, which can happen simultaneously, frictions begin to manifest in labor relations, either with co-workers or bosses, so work stress generates the alteration of favorable working conditions for performance, and we are forced to look for alternatives in which the organizational climate is more attractive.

Consequently, given the above conditions or others not mentioned, in which we do not feel comfortable in the company, it is better to make decisions on time, under the following conditions and exhausting the resources I will mention below.

1. Assertiveness: If you don't feel comfortable in your job, talk about the situation with your boss or the head of human resources, as appropriate, citing the fact, how you think and what you expect. If your requirements are unmet and the situation has no solution, adequately express your intention to resign and present your letter of resignation. The parties involved will have the opportunity to clarify their points of view, and your retreat will be given warmly, leaving the doors open.

2. Honesty: Being consistent and consistent in what you say and do makes people respect you and hold you in high esteem, and most importantly, it keeps your self-esteem high.

3. Loyalty: Both assertiveness and honesty are signs of loyalty, and if something is valued in these times, it is people's loyalty in all areas of their lives. This attitude will forever leave the doors open to the place you go from.


In conclusion, leaving the doors open in the place of work from which you retire will open doors for you in other places because a good letter of recommendation, a favorable reference, and a pleasant memory will always be a point in favor in the place where you leave.

People not only remember what we did but how they felt about it. So being empathetic, assertive, honest, and loyal allows us to open paths in all areas of our lives.

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