7 Great Successes to Remember Darío Gómez, the King of Heartbroken

Colombia and the music industry are in mourning for the unexpected death of Darío Gómez. At LatinAmerican Post we wanted to pay tribute to this famous artist who was able to win over followers thanks to his songs of spite .

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No one is eternal in the world, and Darío Gómez knew that perfectly. With more than four decades in the music industry, singing to love and heartbreak, the king of spite left an important legacy in popular music. He became a luxury guest at family gatherings in many Colombian homes, selling more than five million records worldwide.

The man born in San Jerónimo, in the department of Antioquia, had to be admitted to the Las Américas Auna Clinic as an emergency on July 26, after suffering a sudden collapse at home. However, upon arrival without vital signs, and after performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers, the artist was declared dead at 7:31 pm, according to a statement from the medical center.

Darío Gómez began composing at the age of 16, inspired by love and the countryside. But although over time he began to lean towards colombian "paisa" partying and tropical music, fate and his experiences made him the king of spite, a nickname he has proudly carried since 1992. And it is thanks to his talent and incredible voice, most of his songs became hits that consolidated him into a cult genre in Colombia.

"He is for popular music what Diomedes Díaz is for vallenato, a true idol of the multitudes" said Discos Fuentes, a record label that had the honor of recording some of his songs, said in a statement. That feeling, without a doubt, gives us a small idea of the idolatry they have for him and why his figure will remain immortalized. As a heartfelt tribute, here we leave 7 of his most iconic songs.

"Nadie es eterno en el mundo"

Possibly the greatest success of his musical career, to the point of becoming the greatest inspiration for a 2007 novel with the same name. The story of its composition is based on a conversation between Gómez and a friend from his hometown, reflecting on how fragile life is and the oblivion towards deceased people.


This song, so particular, is another of the most remembered of his repertoire. It has its origin from the classic "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor. In a way, he rewrote the lyrics and placed the typical spiteful melody on it. It is worth mentioning that the story with his wife Olga Lucía Arcila served as inspiration, since they lived through difficult times since they met as teenagers.


The background of this topic is quite shocking and painful. It was not until time after its publication that Gómez confessed what was the story behind its lyrics and sad melody, since it was a tragedy that had hit his family. Luz Dary Gómez, one of his six children, died after being hit by a bullet, leaving Daniela, the composer's granddaughter, an orphan.

"Ángel pérdido"

If there is a theme that has marked a before and after in the career of the king of spite, it is, without a doubt, this one. It was the seventies and Gómez was beginning to establish himself as an artist when his sister Rosángela lost her life. This single, in addition to being a tribute to her, showed her versatility to turn personal tragedies into songs, being the first to sell more than half a million copies.

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"Esta Navidad no es mía"

The holiday season is usually full of joy and family reunions, but unfortunately not for everyone. The spite is also present at this time thanks to a hymn that Gómez made after a sad December 24, 1988. His wife Olga came home in tears after visiting her brother in prison, a misfortune that he let them celebrate and that he used to write this hit.

"La Tirana"

Of all the lyrics of spite and betrayal, this is probably the one that most people have identified with. Failed love relationships were the situations that most inspired Gómez, transforming those experiences into songs that today do not stop playing in bars and canteens. It was the feeling of millions of people through his voice.

"Mi Renuncia"

It was the year 2006 when Gómez celebrated his 30 years of artistic life with an album that kept his essence intact. With "Mi renuncia" all the feeling of the 15 songs is encompassed, thus demonstrating that his particular sound and profound lyrics did nothing more than continue to enlarge his figure in Colombia -and much of Latin America- as the one and only king of spite.

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