Why is Whey Being Banned in Colombia?

Person serving a glass of milk
Recently, Several Colombian Dairy Companies Found Themselves in the Eye of the Hurricane for Carrying out Prohibited Practices in the Andean Country, Putting the Health of Consumers at Risk.

The Scientific Truth Behind "Mo Brain"

pregnant woman
An alarming number of women report during pregnancy or after giving birth experiencing brain fog. It is known as ‘Brain Mom’.

Infertility: Topic of Interest for Men and Women

Woman looking at a pregnancy test
30% of infertility cases are of female origin; the other 30% are of male origin. In addition, a mixed 30% is affected by both, and the last 10% are cases of unknown origin.

Is Vitamin D Beneficial for Women?

Woman sunbathing while the sunset is setting
Even without being medical professionals, we know that vitamins are essential to keep us healthy, but do we really know the details of what these vitamins contribute to the body?

Grounding: A Life-Changing Practice With Great Health Benefits

Person barefoot on grass
What if we could recharge our batteries, literally charging our body with energy from the Earth? In reality, we only need to get rid of our shoes to enjoy the endless health benefits that…

The Myth of Using the Morning After Pill

morning after pill
Oh, God! Will I have gotten pregnant? This is the question millions of women ask themselves hours after having unprotected sex. The possibility of an unwanted conception terrifies them.

Do You Have Cravings? Here Are the Reasons and How To Control Them

Woman holding an apple and a donut
If you're trying to manage your weight, you've probably spent a fair amount of time thinking about how to control and fight cravings. How can you train your body to eat less?

Angeline Moncayo: Her Journey With ASIA Syndrome

Angeline Moncayo
Colombian actress and model Angeline Moncayo, who Telemundo awarded the supporting actress prize, decided to remove her breast implants after suffering from the autoimmune/inflammatory…

Can You Get Toxic Shock Syndrome From Wearing Tampons?

Woman holding a tampon
Tampons, especially super-absorbent varieties, can increase the risk of toxic shock syndrome (TSS), a rare but potentially deadly disease that affects menstruating women.

Medical Gaslighting in Women: What Is the Problem?

Woman during a consultation with her doctor
Many situations generate injustice towards women, such as medical gaslighting. We'll tell you what it is.

Top 3 Health Specialists a Woman Should See

Doctor Checking On Her Patient
Women should have medical check-ups from adolescence. That is why The Woman Post invites you to know the options of specialists that you should regularly visit for an annual check-up of…

Forget About Work Insomnia

Woman sitting on the edge of her bed
Those who have demanding jobs often struggle to reduce stress, disconnect and have a good night’s sleep.

Does My Shampoo Contain Toxic Chemicals?

Woman showin her hair
Some of us tend to buy shampoos and conditioners based on our hair characteristics. But is this enough to make an informed decision?

Practicing Open-Monitoring Meditation to Make Fewer Mistakes

Woman meditating
Do you often find that you forget things or make silly mistakes? A recent study from Michigan State University found that meditation can alter brain activity in ways that make you less…

Spanish hotel chain Sol Melia plans to build 20 new hotels in Brazil by 2005, Sol Melia South American Vice President Rui Manuel Oliveira said in an interview recently published.

Sol Melia opened six new hotels in Brazil last year and operates a total of 21.

The executive said Sol Melia had already signed deals with several construction companies, adding that the expansion project would require an investment of 600 million reais ($260 million).

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