Best museums to visit in Bogota

Colombia’s vibrant, engaging capital is overflowing with fascinating history

Colombia’s capital, Bogota, is full of interesting and unique places to visit and explore, including many important museums. Whether you’re interested in history, gold, science, or art, you’ll find astounding collections tucked into preciously preserved colonial buildings.

Most museums are found in La Candelaria, the historic neighborhood in downtown Bogota where Colombia’s capital was originally founded in 1538.

Here are four fascinating museums to visit during your stay in Bogota that will show you what you need to know about the country’s history:

The Gold Museum (El Museo del Oro) contains close to 34,000 gold pieces, plus 20,000 bone, stone, ceramic, and textile items belonging to 13 pre-Hispanic societies. Recently renovated in 2008, the museum is free to the public on Sundays, closed on Mondays, and has a small entrance fee of 3.000 COP.

In the National Museum of Colombia (Museo Nacional), you will discover everything from pre-Hispanic archaeological findings and colonial era artifacts to national and international art. Located just north of downtown Bogota, this museum is easily accessible by public transportation and adult admission is less than $2 US from Tuesday to Sunday.

The Botero Museum (El Museo de Botero) opens its doors every day except on Tuesdays. It houses a collection of 123 works including paintings, drawings, and sculptures made by Fernando Botero, a revered Colombian artist. In the east wing, you will discover a collection of 85 works of international artists, such as Francis Bacon and Claude Monet.

Finally, the currency house or “Casa de Moneda” is a small gallery that, like the Botero Museum and the Gold Museum, it is run by the Banco de la República. There you will find a striking collection of Colombian currency, including examples of coinage dating back to the Spanish conquest.

LatinAmerican Post | Luisa Fernanda Báez Toro
Copy edited by Susana Cicchetto

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