Women in Fintech, Driving the Businesses of the Future

Woman using an iPad
The word Fintech refers to financial services that are associated or supported with solutions or applications based on innovative technologies

Mira Murati, Behind the Revolutionary ChatGPT

Look Murati
We have heard the recent news about the advances in Artificial Intelligence, the CHAT GPT, but the media has not talked about the woman behind this innovative technological tool.

Digitally Disconnecting Can Be the Best Habit of All

Woman smiling
A study on digital diets from the University of Navarra exposes some positive reasons why it is recommended to abstain from internet consumption for periods.

Make No Mistake: Tech Skills Are Not Enough

Woman leader in an office
How many times have you wondered what happened to this alliance? why did this client go down? Is it prudent to keep quiet and talk more in this negotiation?

Norha Villegas: “What Makes Sense Is To Make an Impact on People’s Lives.”

Norha Villegas
Norha Villegas is currently dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Design at the Icesi University in Cali, Colombia, and associate professor in the ICT department of this institution

Which Actions Will Provide Opportunities for Women in Science and Technology?

Andrea Guzman
The International Day of Women and Girls in Science is a critical opportunity to raise awareness and promote gender equality in science and technology.

Why Did Bill Gates Make the Decision To Donate His Fortune?

Bill Gates
With this measure, he also wants to create awareness and encourage other billionaires to follow his example and donate part of his estate.

Emerging Digital Communities Created by Women

Woman programming in a computer
Technology, science, and digitalization bring women together to create their space safely, focusing on growth, development, and innovation.

Technological Advances Are Allowing Early Diagnoses

Woman touching her shoulder
Known as AI or artificial intelligence, this technology has many fields of application in medicine.

3 Areas That Have Reached Data-Driven Digital Maturity

Business woman pointing to board
Meet in The Woman Post the Data-Driven Maturity Index of companies with advanced prediction models and key digital transformation processes.

Why Muting Real-Life Friends on Social Media It's a Common Practice?

Person reviewing an Instagram profile
The mute feature on Instagram it's a great way to avoid annoying publications from friends and loved ones. You can mute all their posts and stories (without them knowing) instead of…

Amal Hosni: "Technology Can Change the Lives of Millions of Women"

Amal Hosni
Amal Hosni married technology many years ago when she was a child when she, in front of a computer, understood that it was on that machine that she had her academic and professional destiny.

Girls Are More Likely To Be Victims of Cyberbullying

Woman using a laptop and looking side
In the last couple of years, there has been an increase in children's time online for school and social activities, especially during this COVID period. As a consequence, cyberbullying has…

What About Women in Architecture and Engineering?

Woman wearing a helmet near a steel structure
The presence of women in the professional field of architecture and engineering has been invisible, and, in addition, they are a minority. Some managed to experience the labor field and…

3 Ideas To Close the Digital Gap for Women

Woman using a laptop
Many women want to have opportunities in the digital world, but they encounter some problems. How can they solve them?

Spanish hotel chain Sol Melia plans to build 20 new hotels in Brazil by 2005, Sol Melia South American Vice President Rui Manuel Oliveira said in an interview recently published.

Sol Melia opened six new hotels in Brazil last year and operates a total of 21.

The executive said Sol Melia had already signed deals with several construction companies, adding that the expansion project would require an investment of 600 million reais ($260 million).

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